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It’s easier than you might think!

Even so, we send a spare “just in case” graphic! We’re all human, accidents happen. That’s why we always send an extra copy of your main graphic, just in case you need it.

Installation kit:

Cleaner, masking tape, ruler or tape measure and a squeegee (we send a squeegee free with your order).

If you’re removing old graphics first, we suggest a heat gun, scraper with plastic razor blade and adhesive remover. All available at your local hardware store.



1) Clean your work surface
Wash with soap & water or Windex, then wipe down with Isopropyl or denatured alcohol to remove dust particles and promote adhesion. Remove any wax buildup.

2) Position your graphic
Tape the top corners and position your graphic. Measure left & right and top & bottom to position your graphic in your desired location. Make sure your graphic is straight and centered.

3) Set your hinge
A tape hinge will keep your graphic in place for application. Use either a top, side or center hinge as illustrated below.
PRO TIP: Place small pieces of tape at the edge of your graphic on your work surface as an alignment guide when applying your graphic. Illustrated below.

Hinge Samples

4) Remove backing paper
Flip your graphic up (top hinge), or one side over (side or center hinge) and peel the backing paper away, leaving your graphic on the transfer sheet. If using a center hinge, cut off the exposed half of the backing paper from the side you’re working on.

5) Apply your graphic (squeegee in hand)
Hold the transfer sheet with graphic away from your work surface with one hand. And with your free hand, use your squeegee, with felt edge down, to carefully apply your graphic.
PRO TIP: Hold your squeegee at a 30 degree angle from your graphic for a smooth installation.
Top Hinge: Gently swipe from top down, starting in the center using even pressure and side-to-side motion with overlapping strokes.
Side & Center Hinge: Gently swipe from the center of the taped side, using even pressure and top-to-bottom motion with overlapping strokes. Once stuck down, firmly squeegee your graphic to ensure proper adhesion.

6) Remove transfer sheet
Slowly peel away the transfer sheet flat against its smooth, non sticky surface.
PRO TIP: Do not peel away at a 90 degree angle, as this could cause your graphic to lift with the transfer sheet.
While small bubbles settle over time, you can work them out by poking a pin hole in them and pushing the air out.

Care: clean with soap and water or glass cleaner. Application temperature: 50-90ºF

Send us a picture of your finished job

We’d love to see it, and post it on our site. You can upload it here.

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